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Google Ads campaigns promoting applications

kampanie promujące aplikacje
Google Ads offers promotion of applications that can reach people interested in this product thanks to use of Google services. Planning the campaign is simple. All you need to do is prepare the text, advertising resources and set the rate. Our experts will optimise the campaign so as to enable the users to download the application.
The campaigns may encourage to installation application, engage the users in its functioning (for those who have already installed it) and encourage the users to pre-register for applications (e.g. in the case of games that will appear in Google Play in the future).

Basic assumptions

Devices: tablets and smartphones
Settlement method: CPA - you pay only per app installation
Placement: Google Play, browsing network, Google advertising network, YouTube
promocja aplikacji
How does it work?
  • Advertisement creation
    To start the campaign, you do not need to create specific ad creations. The campaign will be based on texts, images (videos) and resources from the application page in the given store.
  • Budget
    Planning the campaign, you set the initial rate and budget. Our experts will give you tips about the rates optimal for your application.
  • Effect
    The users corresponding to the target group will receive incentives to act related to the applications. For example, an advertisement regarding installation contains the average rating from the store, a brief description, number of opinions and application size.
Campaign type
  • Application installation
    The campaign encourages the users to install the application. To get better effects, Google sets campaign directions and rates automatically.
  • Application engagement
    Activities oriented at improvement of user engagement in the application and directing the users to the right landing page.
  • Pre-registration for an application
    This option is available only for Android software. It encourages interest in the product (game, application, add-ons) before it appears in Google Play.
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