Product campaign in Google Ads

Product campaign, Google Ads

Product campaigns in Google Ads for your business

kampanie produktowe
This type of campaign is intended for owners of online stores. Any person who runs an e-commerce business can easily promote their products and services. When the user enters a phrase, e.g. camera, in the search engine, the offered article, its name, price and store name will be displayed. This way, the products are clearly distinguished. The campaign helps promote online store products the user sees before they click the ad.
The campaign requires sending data on the products to the Merchant Center. The tool can track the effectiveness of offered e-commerce products over time.

Basic assumptions

Devices: PCs, tablets and smartphones
Settlement method: CPC - you pay only per ad click
Placement: Google search engine, Google advertising network, YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover in the advertising network
How does it work?
  • Seller
    To start the campaign, the data from your store have to be sent to Google Merchant Center. This will make your products visible in the campaigns.
  • Budget
    You set how much you want to spend on the campaign. Our experts will give you tips about rates optimal for your store and the products you offer.
  • Effectiveness
    When looking for products like yours, the client sees their pictures and prices in the search engine. One click redirects them to your store where they can purchase them. This makes the purchase process much shorter and improves sales effectiveness.
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