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Reklama na urządzeniach mobilnych
Thanks to mobile device ads, you can reach your clients wherever they are and keep in contact with them at all times. This option of web ads gives you remarkable possibilities. We will make a campaign for you that reaches users who are in your area and are seeking products or services like yours on their smartphones or tablets. Ads can also be viewed on websites, on YouTube and mobile applications. This way, you will gain new clients and boost your sales.

We will choose the ad form best suited for your business, prepare texts and artwork, plan a campaign and coordinate it. You will only reap the benefits and sell on a pay-per-click basis.
What types of ads can you choose from?
  • Text ads
    We will prepare text ads for you that encourage using the products and services offered by your business. We will prepare texts for ads and, using Google tools, plan and run a campaign for the specific location.
  • Graphic ads
    We will design graphic ads for you which will appear in the advertising network and on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The ads will redirect viewers to your website and will show only in the selected location.
  • Call-only ads
    This type of advertisements will appear only on devices that allow making phone calls. After clicking the ad of this sort, the client will call your business with their smartphone.

Be exactly where clients are searching for products and services like yours. Choose a mobile device ad.

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