Text ads in the web browser

Google Ads for your business

Text ads in the web browser

Reklamy tekstowe
Text ads in the web browser are a great tool for developing your business. Thanks to them, clients come across your advertisement exactly when they are looking for an offer just like yours in Google. In this model, you pay only when the client clicks the ad and visits your website or calls you. We will plan a campaign for you, write texts for you, control the budget and coordinate the course of the campaign. All you have to do is take advantage of the results.
How does it work?
  • Keywords
    We will prepare a list of keywords that your prospective clients use when searching on the web for what you offer and which will make your ad pop up. Then, we will verify it using Google Ads tools to choose those most appropriate for your campaign.
  • Preparing an ad
    We will prepare ad texts for you that will show the finest qualities of your offer and that will encourage search engine users to visit your website. If need be, we will advise you on what changes to make on the landing page, which is the place your ads redirect your visitors.
  • Your budget
    We will set the daily budget for your advertising expenditures and we will control it. Since then, your ads will appear in search results.
What can you gain?
  • New clients
    The traffic on your website will skyrocket. You will be found by clients who have never heard about your business before and are now looking exactly for what you offer.
  • Permanent relations
    Satisfied clients will come back to your website and make further purchases.
  • A new sales channel
    Thanks to the web browser ads, you can sell not only in stationary stores, but also through your website.

We will keep monitoring the results of your campaign and checking the effectiveness of text adds and keywords. All that to make your business thrive.

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