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Google Display Network (GDN) lets you reach the individuals browsing their favourite websites, watching films on YouTube, checking their Gmail or using mobile applications and devices with your information. GDN is the largest advertising network in Poland, reaching over 90% of Internet users.
We will choose the best management methods (contextual, thematic, demographic, for selected websites or remarketing-based) and formats for you. We will prepare texts and artwork and we will plan and run your campaign. You have to payment models to choose from – on a pay-per-click basis or per 1000 visible views.
Types of ads:
  • Flexible ads
    We will provide you with ads which can be displayed in different formats as graphic and text ads, and that automatically adapt to the websites they are viewed on. Ads will redirect users to your website.
  • Graphic and video ads
    We will give you banners and animations in selected formats that will appear on Google partner websites. Your video ads will also be seen on YouTube and in the Google advertising network.
  • Ads in mobile applications
    We can plan a campaign for your business that will be directed only to specific categories of mobile applications that are a part of the Google advertising network.
  • Ads in Gmail
    We will prepare personalised graphic ads to be displayed to selected Gmail users.
How does it work?
  • We will choose the format
    We will suggest and prepare the ad in the best format for your business.
  • We will determine the place of display
    With precision (on the basis of, for example, interests or demographic data), we will determine the places where your ad will be displayed so that it reaches the recipients interested in specific topics, products or services that are identical or similar to those offered by you. The ad will also reach users who already visited your website.
  • We will plan your budget
    We will determine the budget of your spending on advertising and choose the payment model that goes hand in hand with your goals.

Ads on Google partner websites are an excellent option for your business.

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