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  • Location: north-east part of the country, Podlaskie province
  • Almost 300,000 residents, ready to learn about your business
  • In Białystok, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Why should you rely on outdoor advertising in Białystok? First of all, you will reach new customers with what you offer, and increase profits. Its vicinity to the Belarusian, Lithuanian, and Russian borders, will allow you to reach clients from Poland and those neighboring countries. Secondly, Białystok is a perfect place for tourists – famous for hot-air balloon sports (international competitions are organized here annually). Bialystok also serves as a great starting-off point for trips to national parks located in the province, among which include The Białowieża National Park, the Biebrza National Park, and the Narew National Park.

Białystok is also a place for sport enthusiasts; the Jagiellonia football club attracts fans from the whole country. It is a city where you will easily reach young people with your message – more than 45,000 students attend 19 universities near the area.
Screens available in Białystok:
In Białystok you will find new business partners, suppliers, and customers, allowing your business to grow quickly. More than 30,000 companies are located in the city, as well as the Science and Technology Park, the Białystok Subzone of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone. Organized here are international Textile and Clothing Fairs, Consumer Product Fairs, Food Fairs as well as Agricultural Fairs. Seated in Białystok are companies such as SABMiller Group, Central European Distribution Corporation - CEDC International, and Standard Motor Products Inc. Thanks to advertising on our boards, they will learn about your business, and your sales will increase. Try outdoor advertising in Białystok.
Selected screens in Białystok:
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