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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • Your advertisement will reach more than 109,000 residents
  • In Chorzów, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising media
Chorzów is visited each year by several hundred thousand people. Located here is the Silesian Planetarium, the largest and most famous astronomical observatory in Poland; the Upper Silesian Ethnographical Park, an open-air museum presenting almost 70 historical wooden objects of rural and small-town architecture; the Silesian Zoo, and the Silesian Amusement Park, the largest permanent amusement park in Poland. Large format advertising in Chorzów is a perfect way to inform all visitors and tourists about you can offer. This is the home city of one of the most famous football clubs in Poland – the Ruch Chorzów. Every day that Ruch plays a game means media attention, thousands of fans on the streets, and celebrations throughout the city. Thanks to advertising media in Chorzów, fans of Ruch, as well as visiting teams, will learn about your business, and your profits will increase.

Chorzów lies on Średnicowa Highway route, and has access to A4 motorway, as well as national road 79. As a result, you have many potential new clients traveling through the city. If you choose outdoor advertising, you can inform them about your business.
Screens available in Chorzów:
According to demographic data, the largest group of Chorzów residents are people aged 30-34. They can be an excellent group of clients for your business – young parents, with stable jobs, who are eager consumers of all types of goods and services. Let them hear about your business and choose outdoor advertising in Chorzów.
Selected screens in Chorzów:
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