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  • Location: Śląskie province
  • Your advertisement will reach more than 220 000 residents
  • In Częstochowa, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising media
Are you looking for new clients for your business? Invest in outdoor advertising in Częstochowa, as it is one of the most important tourist and pilgrim sites in Poland. Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, is visited each year by several hundred thousand of the faithful, tourists, and guests - the most important religious celebrations in Poland take place here. Thanks to outdoor advertising, people from all over the country will learn about your business, and you will increase sales, and boost your profits.

Częstochowa is not only a place of worship. The Kraków-Częstochowa Upland attracts numerous tourists to the town and its surroundings, frequenting local hotels, shops, and restaurants. They can become your customers, too - they only need to hear about your company. The best tool to achieve this, is large format Cityboard Media advertising.
Screens available in Częstochowa:
About 20 thousand companies operate in the city. Investment areas in Częstochowa belong to the Katowice Special Economic Zone. The Częstochowa Industrial Park operates here also. In 2011, three industrial clusters were established in Częstochowa - the Polymer Processing Cluster Plastosfera, the Częstochowa Communal Cluster Aglomeracja and the Regional Częstochowa Building and Infrastructure Cluster Budosfera. Thanks to outdoor advertising in Częstochowa, you will easily find new business partners, and most importantly, customers.
Selected screens in Częstochowa:
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