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Gorzów Wielkopolski

  • Location: Lubuskie province
  • Over 120,000 residents will learn about your business
  • In Gorzów Wielkopolski, you can launch your campaigns on cityboard advertising media
Gorzów Wielkopolski is a city with an excellent location. In two hours by car you can get to Berlin, and in 80 minutes, to Frankfurt (Oder). Thanks to its vicinity to the German border, trade flourishes here. Outdoor advertising will allow you to easily broaden your group of clients to include city residents, tourists, and all other visitors.

Gorzów trusts in sport, and you should trust in advertising media. Gorzów Wielkopolski is home to Stal, Poland’s leading speedway club. Speedway races mean a celebration in the city – thousands of fans from the whole country flock to Gorzów, bringing with them added media attention and positive energy. Thanks to outdoor advertising in Gorzów, fans, sponsors and club-partners will learn about your business. You will reach a new client group and boost your profits.
Screens available in Gorzów Wielkopolski:
The city is also a strong economic center. Unemployment is very low here –about 4 percent. Seated in Gorzów are companies such as ZREMB, TPV Displays, Faurecia, Borne Furniture, High Tech Mechatronics, and Vetoquinol Biowet. Outdoor advertising guarantees that suppliers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and new customers will get to know your business. Sport, energy, commerce - this is why you should invest in outdoor advertising in Gorzów.
Selected screens in Gorzów Wielkopolski:
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