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  • Location: province mazowieckie
  • Over 76,000 inhabitants of Piaseczno will see your advertisement
  • In Piaseczno, you can present your campaigns on cityboard advertising boards
Piaseczno is a place excellently connected with Warsaw. Puławska street, one of the biggest streets in Warsaw, reaches Piaseczno and generates high traffic every day. A few thousands of people travel to work, school and shops every day using that street. It is a great opportunity for your business

Advertising using Cityboard Media boards in Piaseczno provides you with an opportunity to reach new customers and increase your profits. Choose proven solutions!
Screens available in Piaseczno:
A narrow-gauge railway line is a tourist attraction of the area. It has been operating for over 100 years. The line crosses picturesque areas - orchards, lake complexes and river valleys. Another attraction of Piaseczno commune is the Artistic Colony in Zalesie Dolne. It houses meetings with artists, exhibitions, concerts and book promotions. Outdoor advertising will present the message about your business to tourists and visitors from other cities.
Selected screens in Piaseczno:
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