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  • Location: Dolnośląskie province
  • Over 114,000 residents of Wałbrzych will learn about your business
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Wałbrzych is a city that not long ago, was dominated by industry. Today, it relies mostly on tourism. The city is located in Central Sudetes, in the small Wałbrzych Basin, surrounded by the Wałbrzych Mountains. This location makes it a perfect starting-off point for trips into the Sudetes. With its close proximity to Jelenia Góra, Świdnica, and Legnica, tens of thousands of tourists and visitors come here. Outdoor advertising in Wałbrzych will ensure that all of them will learn about your business, giving your profits a boost.

The Porcelain Museum, the famous Książ Castle (one of the most impressive structures on the Piast Castles Trail), the Old Mine, home to the Science and Art Center (created in the former Thorez Mine) – these are just a few of the many attractions in Wałbrzych, visited by people from all over Poland. Thanks to outdoor advertising, you will easily increase the group of you clients.
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In Wałbrzych, you can be active with your free time. Within the city, there are several cycling routes. Organized here are local and national cycling races, including the finale of the Czesław Lang Grand Prix MTB. Also, fans of winter sports will not be disappointed where nearby slopes offer ski runs and lifts. Each year, the international ski race "Bieg Gwarków" is organized near Warłbrzych. Large format advertising will ensure that your offer will reach active, mobile people, spending their time outdoors. Use this chance!
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