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  • Location: province śląskie
  • Nearly 175,000 inhabitants of Zabrze will see your advertisement
  • In Zabrze, you can present your campaigns on cityboard and supercityboard advertising boards
In 2003, Zabrze was certified by the Polish Tourist Organisation, as the tourist product of the year “Zabrze - the city of industrial tourism”. There are two underground mining museums - “Królowa Luiza” and “Guido” - which attract tourists and visitors from Poland and other countries. Outdoor advertising enables you to reach tourists from other cities with information about your products and services. Filharmonia Zabrzańska, New Theatre, House of Music and Dance, Multikino, City Museum and City Culture Centre - these are all places where people from Zabrze spend their free time. Because of outdoor advertising, you will reach active and affluent people who use the culture offered through the city.

Zabrze has a very good location near the A1 and A4 highways, the European road E40 and three national roads. This location is beneficial for outdoor advertising. You will easily expand your group of customers through people visiting the city, passing through it, and its residents travelling to work, or shops.
Screens available in Zabrze:
The Górnik Zabrze football club is very popular among residents. Winner of Polish national championships, it attracts many fans to its modern stadium. Each match day means a commotion in the city, added interest from the media, and an increase of guests and fans from other cities. Information about your business will reach customers from other cities and your profits increase, from our large format advertising campaign.
Selected screens in Zabrze:
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