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Cityboard Media Institute

Cityboard Media Institute


The Cityboard Media Institute is a project aimed at sharing our knowledge and experience, concerning advertising and other topics. We have been operating within the market since 1996, and we are the leader of our sector, focusing on development, research and education. The open form of our Cityboard Media Institute, allows for the fulfilment of its stated goal.


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What are the tasks of the Institute?

  • Education for the customer - we organise workshops, conferences, meetings and discussions for our customers. We invite experts (e.g. Paweł Tkaczyk, prof. Andrzej Falkowski, Zuzanna Skalska) from the fields of advertising, psychology and marketing, to present the sales mechanisms, dominating trends, design trends in advertising, and effective communication.
  • Cooperation with SWPS University - together with the university, we conduct post-graduate studies entitled “Psychology in Marketing and Advertising - Effectiveness”, and conduct an EU project aimed at educating the students within the area of marketing communication.
  • Preparation of education materials - we develop surveys, infographics, expert articles, analyses, reports, advertisement history, and outdoor effectiveness testing.


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