Poster design

Poster design


While creating a graphic design for your poster, remember that it should effectively communicate what you can offer your customers. A good poster is usable artwork which should draw attention, be remembered and, first and foremost, give rise to a need to have your product or service.


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How to design a good outdoor poster?

  • Focus on legibility - the poster should present information in an understandable and clear way.
  • Simplicity - the “everything in moderation” rule is perfect here. The result will be much better if your design is simple or even minimalistic.
  • Coherence - the advertisement design should be consistent with your brand image so that its identification by the recipient is easier.
  • Be distinctive - if you add one interesting and dominating element to your poster, you will attract the attention and interest of your customers.
  • Font - should be clear, legible and adjusted to the content and the recipients. Leave ornamented fonts for letters and other forms of advertising.
  • Graphics - photos should be of high quality, with proper lighting and framing.



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